Terms of Engagement

Anything that I post or share or comments that I make are not advice to you, the reader, or anyone you may refer this content to. What I post, share or comment on are my musing, thoughts, ideas and concerns  – based on my knowledge and experiences. I am not a trained physician. Nor am I a trained natural or physical scientist. Likewise, I do not work for a corporation – I am not, as I like to call them, an “advertroll”.  Any product or service that I recommend (or don’t) is based on my opinion and experience and isn’t done because I will get any kind of financial benefit.

While I am grateful you found something interesting, what you or anyone you refer any part of this blog to does with said musings, thoughts, ideas, concerns is your respective responsibility.

Any views or opinions in the is blog made by commentors do not necessarily reflect my own views or opinions.

I strive to demonstrate the strength that comes through equity and solidarity, this blog will seek to reflect a commitment to anti-oppression principles. Wondering what I mean by anti-oppression? I encourage you to read this, I found it to be one of the more concise and direct overviews. I reserve the right to moderate  comments in favour of respect for Anti-Oppression Principles.

I seek to always give credit where credit is due. If you see something that is not credited properly, please let me know. Oversight happens sometimes. It’s important to me for reasons of intellectual property, rights and creativity  It’s also important to me because I expect the same in return. If you like something I have here and re-post or share – I request you give appropriate attribution to whoever the original creator is. If it’s something of my creation: photos, recipes, articles, etc. please let me know if you would like to use any of them for reprint, re-post, etc. If you are doing so in a forum where you seek  financial profit, you must negotiate with me for reproduction. I adhere to the sensibilities of the Creative Commons .

Privacy is important. I would never sell or trade your names or contact information that may show up in my blog because you have chosen to interact with me. I will use your contact information personally, to contact you, if needs be for purposes of responding to you. If you have taken the time to comment or communicate with the blog and me, then I assume I can communicate with you.


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