I hope this space can be one for conversation and for sharing and for learning. I started this blog as a means to gather together different streams of things that I love, like, don’t like and question.

I’ve sought to find ways to support social transformation through activities ranging from being a student leader in grad school, senior policy advisor for government on issues such as special education , copyright, and information and privacy along with international education related issues. I am wholly engged in Canada’s peace, social justice, anti-war and environmental movements and I am in my second term as the volunteer Co-Chair of the Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada’s large peace and anti-war representing 140 member groups. Through past volunteerism with groups such as ACT for the Earth, I’ve developed, participated and cheered on campaigns for peace, ecology and human rights. In 2006, ACT for the Earth co-founded the Canada-wide Stop Climate Chaos Coalition and launched Operation Objection, Canada’s first national counter-recruitment campaign to directly challenge Canada’s participation in the war in Afghanistan. An issue that underlines almost everything for me these days is the ever increasing criminalisation of public dissent and protest – and the ways in which human rights defenders are being targeted by states and corporations.

I encourage you to also take a look at my Terms of Engagement Statement. It’s got some good info about how I see the world – and this blog.

I have a keen interest in what some would call organisational structures. Having lived and worked through a bunch of different kinds of participatory structures and forms of decision making – such as concensus , I have learned and observed a thing or two about facilitation, hierarchy, non-hierarchy, and the pitfalls and opaque elements in these different systems.

I am increasingly dedicating time to canning, dehydrating and other forms of food preservation. I love it, as it’s creative, it’s a good way to support local farmers and it’s darn fun. The food thing – it’s part of the whole work of social transformation. I dabble at crafts and DYI. I garden – it’s joyful and entertaining, and it helps me learn about local plants and animals, and I use it as a means of learning about diverse ways to become more self-sustainable and to walk more gently on our earth.

The opinions I have here on the blog are mine and don’t represent the position or opinions of groups with which I am affiliated. Though sometimes they do – and are noted as such.


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