Development money from Canada in a human rights framework: we actually have a law about that

It wasn’t just the MSM that made it uncomfortable for Fantino to fund a homophobic organisation working in Uganda,  there was more traffic around this issue from individuals tweeting, on FB and other sites that made the issue loud and thus forced it more broadly into the public sphere  Fantino would have done nothing if it were in one or two articles, he did something because the issue was made loud by indiviudals who cared and who did something – even as simple as a tweet or two to get it ‘out there’.

Given the horrific and rampant homophobia of the Ugandan government  – and therefore the obvious danger to life and security for LGBTQ2S citizens of Uganda, it is unpardonable that Fantino would so willingly add credence – even indirectly – to this grave human rights abusive situation by funding a group that falls in line with the Uganda government’s policies.

It’s important that folks who give a damn about human rights and development get to know the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act. It was assented in 2008. As stated in the Act:


2. (1) The purpose of this Act is to ensure that all Canadian official development assistance abroad is provided with a central focus on poverty reduction and in a manner that is consistent with Canadian values, Canadian foreign policy, the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness of March 2, 2005, sustainable development and democracy promotion and that promotes international human rights standards.

And finally, while it is true that Fantino is reviewing the funding to the group, it is not confirmed that he has pulled the funding, rather, it is under review. While I hope it is going to happen, it is not yet confirmed. THUS, it is really important we keep all the above in the public light.


2 responses to “Development money from Canada in a human rights framework: we actually have a law about that

  1. Unfortunately this government has all but ignored the 2008 ODA Act. Another fantastic example is CIDA’s partnerships with mining corporations. The entire strategy is infused by an ODA strategy that is integrated within Canada’s greater foreign policy objectives.

    More specifically, this government has helped establish a Canada-first development program – more at:

    Good post.

    • Thanks for the above link. Glad to have found your post and your blog. For me, I don’t event think I would call what the government is doing an ODA strategy. It was years before they ever released anything like a policy strategy for the Americas, for example, and when they did it was done at invite only day long ‘colloquium’ and they didn’t even call it their policy. They (in Ablonczy) just kept talking about the kinds of things they were going to do regarding trade and education (and the trade of education for foreign students). Likewise, one could hardly say that there is a decisive Aid policy of any kind, given, as you and I both note, the wanton disregard for standing Canadian policy that provides the framework for what an articulated policy on foreign affairs, foreign aid, etc. ought to be based on. Thus, given they ignore the ODA – I guess we could say that that’s their policy?!

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