Fruit Leather

We seem to constantly work to refine our inventory system. Our way of keeping track of home preserved foods along with store bought is needed for food rotation and cutting down on wastage, and also because of our  never ending process of trying to keep our personal space de-cluttered and somewhat organised. Actually, we are trying to better inventory everything – toiletries, arts and craft supplies, household maintenance things like light bulbs.

At any rate, we realised today just how many jars of applesauce we have – ones we canned from both 2011 and also last year. And in the chest freezer, we located a few little vacuum sealed bags of raspberries from a year ago. I thawed those berries (retaining the syrup run-off for making flavoured ice-cubes for drinks, and also syrup to use for making ice-cream) and then blended them with the applesauce. Spread about 500 ml out on each tray of my dehydrator (Excalibur) and then let it do its magic. The ratio of berries to sauce was about 1 c to 1 c. I used the immersion blender for a few seconds to get the consistency I wanted. The layer on the dehydrator tray of the fruit was about 1/4 inch. Drying time, with tray rotation ever once in a while was about 10 hours.

When the dehydration was done (no more tackiness to touch) I could peel the sheet of fruit leather right off the non-stick sheet (don’t use the screen tray!). We rolled it up in a tight jelly-roll style, then cut along every 3-inches or so, to make small size roles. Then, we wrapped each in cellophane  bagged the lost in a zippy freezer bag, labeled it, chucked it in the freezer. Yummy treats for travel days and we have a sense of accomplishment to boot.20130203_121014


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